About Us


Welcome to OKGOBABY, a family owned and operated business dedicated to bringing hot deals to moms and the little people they love.  Each week, we offer "mom" and "child" products at discounts you're unlikely to find anywhere else.  Our goal is to give ladies who may be on a tight budget an opportunity to purchase trendy and fashionable products at prices that won't break their bank account!

OKGOBABY is not your average retailer.  We are a group buy site offering individual customers the opportunity to experience wholesale buying direct from the manufacturer.  During one of our weekly sales, you will have the opportunity to preorder an item at a deep discount which will be made to order just for you.  We do have an extended shipping process and each item has it's own unique shipping time.  We will always note shipping estimates up front within each item's description they can be seen prior to purchase.

We are also proud to say that we're a business built on faith and family.  While it is our goal to provide each of our customers with a unique shopping experience, we hope to do so in a way that puts our customers' needs ahead of our own.   We strive to always be up front and honest in our advertisements, social networking and customer communication.  Our work is our ministry and we put our hearts and hands into it every day! 


 OKGOBABY Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you offer new deals?

We typically offer 3-5 deals each week and they will usually last for 7 days.  


When can I expect my purchase to arrive?

While some of our items are available immediately, the vast majority of our items are preorders and made just for you with an extended shipping time. We are always clear to note the shipping time on the item's purchase page.  Every item is unique and we encourage you to review the shipping estimate on the item's purchase page prior to purchasing. Please note that because we don't know the volume a sale will do when we post it, we can't quote an exact shipping time.  We will note when we expect to receive the items to our warehouse.  The exact shipping time from there will simply depend on order volume.  Should we ever encounter any significant delays, we will always notify affected customers as soon as possible.


Are refunds available?

Because each item is made to order just for you, it is a final sale item.  We do want our customers to be happy, however, so we are more than happy to offer an exchange for sizing purposes if we have that item in stock. 

How can I check the status of my order?

All customers are required to create an account prior to purchase. You can log into your account on our website at any time to review your shipping estimate.  Please note your item will remain in the confirmed/processing stage until it is ready to ship.   Once it ships, your status will change to fulfilled and a tracking number will be sent to you via email. 

Can I purchase multiple items in one transaction and save on shipping?

One of the ways we keep our prices low is to streamline our shipping process to make it as simple as possible. We do this by packaging each parcel with the same item. If we allowed multiples, we'd have to cross check each package with the purchase logs to see who gets what, which would take a lot of time. More time means more manpower which means more money. We want to keep our prices as low as possible for you and we've found that limiting transactions to one item per transaction as one of the best ways to do it. You're more than welcome to purchase additional items in separate transactions if you'd like. Even with shipping, our prices are still much lower than retail. Thanks for your understanding and support of our low prices!